About us

We are a truly independent company with a mission to connect artists and art lovers by providing them with the tools they need to build successful businesses and independently manage the sale of their works and services within a collective artist community that grows daily.

Our team had been working around the clock, committing their energy to provide local artists with an online space to showcase, promote and sell their original artwork.

Since the Internet has no boundaries, it allows us to reach art lovers and enthusiasts from all over the world, and inspire them with the works of our talented artists that they never would have come across if it wasn’t for The Fine Ads.

You may also find relevant useful places in our map directory such as schools, studios, venues, and stores, and even buy or sell any second hand equipment in our dedicated marketplace.

To all of you, artists & art lovers - thank you and we hope to welcome you in our community.

Our Commitment

Enabling artists to succeed

Create an online community

Eliminating boundaries

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