Best movie soundtracks of the 2010s

Based on an IMDb poll with 1477 votes
here's the Top 5 + 1 movie soundtracks of the 2010s.

The Interstellar soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer, has been hailed by critics as a masterpiece of cinematic music. It perfectly complements the epic scope and emotional depth of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi masterpiece, enhancing the overall experience of the film.

Overall, the Interstellar soundtrack has received universal acclaim for its ability to capture the essence of the film and immerse the audience in its vast and awe-inspiring universe. It stands as a testament to Hans Zimmer’s exceptional talent and his ability to create music that transcends the boundaries of cinema.

Composer: Hans Zimmer

The La La Land soundtrack, composed by Justin Hurwitz, has garnered widespread praise for its enchanting melodies and nostalgic charm. It captures the spirit of the film, a modern-day musical, and adds an extra layer of magic to the story.

Its reviews highlight the exceptional quality of the La La Land soundtrack, praising its ability to transport listeners to a world of romance and dreams. Justin Hurwitz’s compositions have struck a chord with audiences and critics alike, creating a musical experience that is both memorable and enchanting.

Composer: Justin Hurwitz

The Inception soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer, has received widespread acclaim for its innovative and powerful compositions. It perfectly complements the mind-bending nature of Christopher Nolan’s film, creating a sense of suspense and intensity that captivates audiences.

Its reviews highlight the exceptional quality of the Inception soundtrack and its ability to enhance the film’s immersive experience. Hans Zimmer’s innovative compositions, blending various musical elements, create an atmospheric and unforgettable score that perfectly complements the mind-bending world of Inception.

Composer: Hans Zimmer

The Social Network soundtrack, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, has been widely praised for its unique and atmospheric compositions. It skillfully captures the essence of David Fincher’s film, providing a haunting and mesmerizing backdrop to the story of Facebook’s creation.

Its reviews highlight the innovative and atmospheric nature of the Social Network soundtrack. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s collaboration has resulted in a score that perfectly captures the film’s themes and immerses the listener in its world. The combination of electronic and traditional elements creates a haunting and unforgettable sonic experience that stands on its own as a remarkable piece of music.

Composers: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

The Life of Pi soundtrack, composed by Mychael Danna, has received critical acclaim for its mesmerizing and ethereal compositions. It beautifully captures the spirit of Ang Lee’s visually stunning film, enhancing the emotional journey of the protagonist.

Its reviews highlight the exceptional quality of the Life of Pi soundtrack and its ability to enhance the film’s emotional impact. Mychael Danna’s compositions, blending Eastern and Western influences, create a unique and mesmerizing sonic landscape that complements the visuals and the narrative. The music evokes a sense of wonder and spirituality, making it a standout aspect of the film.


Composer: Mychael Danna

The Joker soundtrack, composed by Hildur Guðnadóttir, has garnered immense praise for its haunting and transformative compositions. It brilliantly captures the dark and psychological journey of the film’s iconic character, adding an extra layer of depth and intensity to the narrative.

Its reviews emphasize the exceptional quality of the Joker soundtrack and its ability to deepen the film’s emotional impact. Hildur Guðnadóttir’s compositions, with their haunting melodies and atmospheric arrangements, perfectly capture the psychological journey of the Joker character. The music becomes an integral part of the film’s narrative, elevating the storytelling and leaving a lasting impression on audiences.



Composer: Hildur Guðnadóttir


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