Myriam West – I’m not asking for the moon

“I’m not asking for the moon” is a song about the strength, the struggle, the love, the hope and the realities of having a child with special needs and/or medical conditions. Any parent who has seen their child struggle will resonate with the breathtaking song that Myriam West wrote for her son, who was diagnosed with an unknown genetic abnormality. 

We are thankful to all of you who will chip in to this fundraiser for the Sophia Children’s Hospital and share our initiative with friends, partners and family who may want to do so, too.

You can donate to the Sophia Children’s Hospital via this link:

Any amount counts… 

A big thank you to the KeyMusic Stores and Q-Factory in Amsterdam for hosting us and supporting our initiative!

***Omnisense is merely the organiser of this fundraiser. Sophia Children’s Hospital is the only beneficiary.


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