Big Wow Band delivers hit after hit, and keeps your party movin’ and shakin’ all night long! They will make an impression on your clients, family, and friends, covering a huge range of hits with both male and female vocals.


Big Wow Band is a solid 6-piece act that pays attention to detail. Quality artists with the right equipment from top to bottom. We know that we have one chance to get it right and make your event Big Time Fun! All contracts include music from start to finish with DJ & MC services available.


Big Wow performs all over the inter-mountain west United States, and travels regularly throughout Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, California, and Montana and are ready to travel internationally!


From the beginning, Big Wow has always known that getting guests to dance is the number one measuring stick for any party and events band. We are committed to making sure that after the event, all your friends had the best time and plan on spreading the word about the quality of Big Wow Band.


They will love the food, but always remember the music. Make sure your next event is a Big Wow.


Meet the Band!


Clint Budge-Vocals


A real tenor and a soulful voice that can cover an extensive range of the best hit songs. A true showman that never hesitates to jump in with the crowd and serenade fans of all ages.


Raised in the small community of Malad Idaho, Clint received his gift of singing from sitting next to his mother at the piano while learning the best of the classics. His passion for singing can be seen on the faces of those he will sidle up to. It is his enjoyment that shines through at each event. Take a listen...


Blair Rosenthal- Vocals


Blair Rosenthal is a native of Boise, Idaho and graduated with a bachelors from Boise State University. She has been in sales for 11 years and currently works for a regional company covering Idaho and Utah. Blair grew up singing, whether it be competitive choir, private weddings or even the occasional 44 Club.


If you look closely, you may be able to find old school pictures floating about with a signature on the back reading, Mariah Carey. It was an unhealthy obsession and Blair is working on it to this day. She loves spending time with her son, family and friends. You can often find her hiking, enjoying local restaurants and wine or simply enjoying the peace Boise brings.


Mark Hume- Guitar


Growing up in the mid-west United States with a guitar playing father, Mark has been exposed to great music from the beginning.  After nearly 3 years of college the music bug took hold and Mark transferred to a Minneapolis music school and received a performance degree. With years of touring and playing experience Mark delivers tone and song honesty that will bring the songs to life. He loves Fender gear, cool clothing, and hanging out and laughing with all his Big Wow band mates.


Sal Cirrito- Keys


The one person in Big Wow that has a degree in herding cats. Absolutely mediocre with everything he touches, including the faders on the mixer. His first instrument was the accordion, where he studied for 3 years at the age of 12 under Benito LaPasta at the Musical Center for Less Desirable Instruments. In his teens years, he studied many genres of music, and became an expert at altered chords and primarily the B7(-5)  with its proper use in pop music.

If you have any questions regarding the Big Wow and having them for your event, talk with Sal.


Chris Christofi- Drums


Chris grew up in Paliometocho Cyprus where the knowledge of rhythm was mandatory, especially if you were hired for an 8 hour gig!  Making them dance is priority.


Todd Bilbo- Bass


Todd started his music education with piano lessons from his friend’s grandma, which lead to playing keys in an 80’s techno band and wearing guy-liner (yeah, check his Facebook page...) thus opening for a few major artists (without grandma)! A music major in college,  Todd plays multi Bilbo- Bassple instruments, all of them with a solid level of mediocrity...according to him.  A Southern California transfer to Boise Idaho, now with Idaho street cred, he is the second 1/2 of the backbone for Big Wow's groove!

Available for

Cover Band - Motown, Disco, Country, 80's-90's Dance hits, and hits from today

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