When musicians share the same passion, then they can easily form a band. But can they become CASHIERS? Probably not! Why? Because these guys are not just musicians, do not only share the same passion but they also breathe about it. They are dedicated, but mostly…are addicted to it. Every performance, every single rehearsal it’s a living proof of their ambition, talent and intensity.

By aligning their dedication singer/bassist Jimmy Elia (aka Bear) singer/guitarist/keyboardist Andreas Tserkezos, guitarist Mike Fotiou and drummer Marios Andreou (aka Kouspos), have helped to define the landscape of Cyprus band scene.

Born and raised on stage, the four acquaintances performed with other bands and sometimes with each other but never the four of them together. It was obvious that there was an explosive chemistry between them. On December 2011, CASHIERS were founded.

Influenced by almost any genre, Cashiers “cover” to their sound any song they find interesting. They are currently into covering Greek and English tunes and their sound is found to be progressive pop-rock.

On October 2014 they released their debut song named “Running” followed by "Αυτός που ήθελες να ήσουν" in 2016. Currently they are back in studio again for recordings.

In their career they were involved in many remarkable events in Cypriot music scene. They performed in Larnaca’s biggest charity festival ever, “Together for Larnaca”, opened the stage for famous singers/bands such as “Pyx Lax” at “Riverstock Festival”, Limassol, “Locomondo” at “Diaxroniki Mousiki Skini”, Nicosia, “Melisses” at “Ayia Napa Beer Lovers Festival”, Ayia Napa, “Ivi Adamou” and “Stavento” at Ayia Napa Beer Festival, Ayia Napa and more. They performed in many festivals and music venues in almost every city in Cyprus and count over 300 shows, enough of a national fan base and they were featured in many magazines, TV stations and radio stations.

They adore live performance and they pursue their life-goal; the promotion of their own music.

Rock, Pop-Rock

Band Members
Demetris Elia aka Jimmy the Bear (vocals - bass),
Andreas Tserkezos (vocals - e. guitar - keys - baglamas),
Mike Fotiou (e. guitar) ,
Marios Andreou aka Kouspos (drums)

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Rock, Pop-Rock

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