We base our method of music instruction on the knowledge that students learn best when they play the music they enjoy most . That’s why we use special arrangements of today’s music to help students become proficient guitarists as well as seasoned performers.

At KTH Music LTD, individual music instruction is combined with band instruction that leads to scheduled performances and recording sessions.
In our school, students do not bring their own guitars, but always use the school’s equipment
During the course students learn with the help of headphones for better audio performance and functionality
In our school we also use “Silent” classical guitars, for better performance and flexibility at the use of technology.”Silent” guitars are joined with headphones or directly on a recording console, offering practicality and providing excellent sound.
During the course students can easily get to experience the feeling of a band by playing with other students or with the help of a Drum machine, Loop machine or various software for recording.
In our school students get the chance to associate with other students, instructors or professionals, in ensembles to get the experience of a live performance.

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