The world of the piano is beautiful and the journey around it is magical! An endless journey; that offers many excitements and provides all travellers who choose to undertake it with the most amazing feelings. The 88 keys of every piano serve as the best tour operators and it is up to us to choose the destination: major or minor scales, augmented or diminished intervals, concertos, sonatas, in faster or slower tempo, for 2 hands / 4 hands / 2 or more pianos! The musical wanderings that unfold in front of us when we come face to face with the black-and-white keyboard of a piano are numerous and interesting. So…

welcome to the world of black & white: the world of ebony and ivory!
This is a world we know well. For years we have been traveling incessantly, making sure we have left nothing untouched or unexplored. We saw and heard a lot, came across pianos and touched keyboards that dazzled us, heard sounds that blew our mind, felt unique feelings and gained experience. Experience that we have used for your benefit, so you avoid the “pitfalls” and acquire a piano that will provide you with the maximum possible enjoyment.

Kyriakides Piano Gallery is perhaps the best companion you could have in this interesting journey for which you are about to embark: the choice of the “right” piano! Here you will learn what makes a piano better over another, which piano will stand the test of time or has the potential to cater to your specific needs; always taking into consideration the pianist who will be using it, the place that will eventually accommodate it and the budget you are willing to invest.

We invite you to travel with us, so as you set out for your own Ithaca (the best piano possible) to avoid long or difficult routes. Enjoy your musical journey knowing that your fellow traveller on this quest is one of the best guides who will take you to the most interesting and remarkable destinations. By choosing Kyriakides Piano Gallery, you have already taken the first step in the right direction in this great journey for the search of your piano. Bon voyage!

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