My name is Leo and I am an Argentinian living in Cyprus.
Music has always been in my blood, inheriting this passion from my parents, who got it from their parents, and them from theirs ... and so on.
From the time I remember I used to take my mums pots and pans and pretend that they were drums, always causing some sort of friction between us.  Life was never boring!!
Growing up I realised that I had to mature, so I did it the best way I knew how ..... I became a musician for the Argentinian Military Band .... The best 4 years of my life - Military School, specialising off course in music studies.  When I finished I stayed in the Military, as a member of their Marching Band, for the next 22 years of my life!
As destiny should have it, on a Mission to Cyprus with the U.N., I met my muse.
She blew me away enough to give it all up and move the the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus just to be with her.
Moving to this small Island was scary because it is a new place, with new customs, different environmental mentality, different language, but it was all worth it.   Being here with my lady, who is now my wife, opened new doors for me and gave me the opportunity to start living my dream.

After a few attempts to create an original Latin band here on the Island, which failed for various reasons, she inspired me to continue solo.  This was the best choice for me.   I have since then been creating my own songs!

We created a small home recording studio where I am able to record my music, and off course use it as a sanctuary when needed ...

For the rest, all you have to do is visit my various artist pages and you will immediately know what I have managed to build, with the support and help of my wife off course.

Thank you for taking time to read this, I appreciate it. Take care all !!


Latin / Cumbia / Reggaeton / Reggae / Ska / Cuarteto / Bachata

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