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    Nataliia Burmaka
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    In this captivating painting, i bring to life the vivid beauty of poppies. The realistic portrayal of each floral element reveals a deep appreciation for nature's fleeting moments. Flowers serve as a silent witnesses and guardians of life's most significant events. One of the most profound aspects of flowers is their resilience. They embody a cycle of death and rebirth that is nothing short of miraculous. With the onset of winter, flowers wither and die, only to return with renewed vigor and beauty in the spring and summer. This cycle is a powerful metaphor for human resilience and the capacity to endure hardship, to undergo transformation, and to emerge stronger. Painting flowers, therefore, becomes an exploration of this paranormal resilience—a tribute to the enduring spirit that lies within all living things.

    Through the rich, warm tones and meticulous detail, i try to capture the delicate, transient beauty of flowers, offering a profound reflection on the symbiosis between nature and human experience.


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    Paintings & Drawings
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