Studio 8 offers a professionally organized mechanism for creating artistic ferment, as well as social and cultural action.
Through its educational programs and cultural events, it aspires to:
Inspire children and adults with innovative educational programs that excite their imagination and promote their creativity.
Provide quality learning opportunities.
Demonstrate the dynamics of contemporary artistic production and respond to the continuous growth of art.
Broaden the audience for the arts in Cyprus.
Trigger discussion and interest around the arts.
Promote the Cypriot artistic creation in Cyprus and internationally.
Help students form a coherent personality and skills that meet the demands of the modern labor market in the area of design and applied arts.
Cultivate learners with ambition and drive who are able to use the creative freedom of the programs offered by Studio 8 in order to develop a strong art practice.
Positively contribute in the creation and production of individual or global initiatives of cultural nature which aim to enhance and develop the cultural creation in Cyprus.

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