We are glad to present in our new Artist Showcase series, Ms Juta Jazz

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Artist Biography

I was born in Lithuania and I am currently based in Cyprus. I have received a degree in ballet dance at the M.K.Čiurlionis school of arts in Lithuania. My studies were also comprising music, acting and arts. Consequently, I  have been performing in the field of musical theatre, in Lithuanian. subsequently, my studies in graphic design in Cyprus have led me to the field that I am currently working in.  The combined knowledge of the two artistic fields led me to discover Mobile Digital Art, in 2012. 

The main theme I am focusing on in my works is the human body and movement. Through my work I aim to reflect my inner world and state of mind. I am interested in exploring movement in an abstract form, such as  photo mixtures and a combination of apps, but sometimes I also enjoy a simple shot, such as a pure photographic work.

I have had the privilege to exhibit my work all over the world: USA, Italy, France, Canada, Cyprus, Brazil, Portugal, Spain.

Some of the international awards I received are the Julia Margaret Cameron International Photography Awards, TZIPAC photography awards, FIPA Pro-series Award, mDAC, MPA.

juta jazz

My path of creativity started at the age of 10, when I started my studies at a specialized arts school in Lithuania to become a classical ballet artist.

The art I’m creating today came from several inspirations, but my two main ones were my experiences as a ballet dancer and as graphic designer. The combination of these two art forms have become my means of expressing my emotions and thoughts. Subsequently, I started using social media as a tool to create the artistic work, I am creating today. 

My first idol was the modern dance pioneer, Jutta Klamt; she is known to be a revolutionary for freedom of movement in academic dance. My first visual idol was Salvador Dalí, due to the continuity of movement and the freedom of imagination in his works. I also vastly admire Egon Schiele and Maurits Cornelis Escher for their works and achievements.

My artwork is mainly made with mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad. It’s called mobile digital art or app art. My style is figurative – mostly self portraiture and abstract art – a style that, I feel, allows me to fully express myself.

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  • Juta Jazz
    December 11, 2020 at 9:27 pm

    Deeply appreciated for your wonderful feature and great efforts. Thrilled and honored! Wishing best success for this marvelous platform!

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