Milena Dimitrova

Continuing our Artist Showcase series, we present Ms Milena Dimitrova.
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Artist Biography
Milena Dimitrova is a Bulgarian artist currently living in Cyprus. She studied in the pedagogy of Fine Art at Sofia University and graduated at the National High School” Dimitar Dobrovich”, Bulgaria. Milena turning small moments, faces, and ordinary objects into deeper explorations of human emotions, feelings, and memories. Her work is thus conceived as a congruence between fantasy and dreaminess, playing around the idea of perception, and value through the use of different techniques. Мoments of breath-taking transitions in nature is at the forefront of her expressive paintings, germinating from visited places, sounds, and processes. Her works are sort of microcosm questioning the value of little things that lead us wondering about them gleaned from our personal experiences. Milena intensely combines color, vibrancy to produce art that inspires, provokes, and delights, willing to capture eyes and attention for a long time.

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”- Pedagogy of Fine Art · Sofia, Bulgaria-2005.
National High School” Dimitar Dobrovich”,- Аdvertising graphics, Sliven, Bulgaria-1998

Artist Statement

As a child, I dreamt as full and wide as any other, and the dream was simple then: I wanted to be an artist. I drew every day and practiced with as much passion and pure intent as any other child. Now I am an artist because I want to relay to others my true self.

I like to be surrounded by beauty. My sense of beauty comes from the ancient and  contemporary paintings. I am inspired by Michelangelo, Vladimir Dimitrov – Maistora, Erin Hanson, Endre Penovác, Alexander Ilichev

I paint the impression of what is the person, light, atmosphere, object, or landscape with a lot of bright vibrant colors. 

I take pleasure in listening to music. It helps me recharge and bring me joy. I like attending music concerts. I absolutely love cooking. My grandmother has always been a wonderful cook, and I feel she is my inspiration. I find cooking very therapeutic.

My current project is a painting with a working title “X-ray portrait”. I get very excited while creating it. So beautifully expressed with a direct connection to the mystical.


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