Gaya Yona


Gaya Yona, an Amsterdam-based indie musician, masterfully blends dreamy pop-folk with alternative rock. She likens her music to ‘Kintsugi,’ a Japanese technique that highlights rather than hides imperfections, mirroring her approach to weaving stories of fracture and healing into her songs. Gaya’s journey in music began with setting her late stepfather’s poetry to music, which she describes as gaining a new perspective on expression. She has since evolved from performing in a duo and backing established artists, to launching her solo career with stages across Israel and Canada under her belt. Her debut album, ‘Currently, Forever,’ draws inspiration from artists like Laura Marling and Radiohead, exploring themes of loss and recovery. Currently, Gaya is gearing up for a European tour and recording her second album, continuing to share her unique sound and stories.

“Vertigo” tells the story of the dizzying realization of love for a longtime friend, a moment as disorienting as vertigo itself. Through simple yet evocative lyrics, Gaya explores the imagined world of ‘what if,’ where all the unsaid things and missed opportunities come to life. This song captures the essence of longing and the delicate dance of timing, offering listeners a glimpse into a personal journey of love, friendship, and the paths not taken, all wrapped in gentle melodies that resonate with the heart’s deepest emotions.

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