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Mar 30
10 Quarantine Music Sessions

With the shutdown of all venues, the live music scene is suffering badly. Thankfully many artists felt the need to […]

Mar 24
“Faces of Frida” – Freely accessible digital exhibition

Google Arts & Culture has made available to all art lovers a freely accessible digital exhibition of Frida Kahlo’s works. […]

Mar 17
The purpose of art in our lives

An interesting video by The School of Life discussing the purpose of art in our lives. We would love to […]

Mar 13
13 movies every Art lover should watch

Surviving Picasso (1996). Canvas, color, metal, ceramics. The century’s leading artist commanded them all. But what about the legendary Pablo […]

Jan 09
9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Artistic People

There are a lot of clichés surrounding the artistic persona, particularly about the complexity of their personalities, ideas and actions. […]

Feb 24
How to choose the right microphone (for YOUR voice)

Buying a microphone is challenging. First thing the majority of people do, is ask what brand/model others have or research […]