9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Artistic People

There are a lot of clichés surrounding the artistic persona, particularly about the complexity of their personalities, ideas and actions. Here’s 9 things that we’ve uncovered about artistic people, some that stand to reason, others that sound almost paradoxical to what you thought you knew.

  1. They can take criticism about their work.

One might assume that an artistic person can’t take criticism about their work. Not true. Most artists know that objectivity is key. It’s what keeps their work credible, and their fans engaged.

  1. They’re risk takers.

Artists usually stick to their creative guns when it comes to their art. Whilst their brain might be screaming no, they tend to listen to their heart instead, despite the risk of potential failure. Some might call it stubbornness – or even arrogance. Rather, its about remaining true to their authentic self, not public demand.

  1. They’re happy – and sad.

An artist is not always a damaged soul. But they possess emotional depths that an average person usually doesn’t. This means they can swing from pure elation to utmost depression in a single moment. And it’s from this raw emotion that their source of inspiration and creative brilliance often stems.

  1. They can be loud and quiet

Not all artistic people are introverts. On the contrary. They’re often quite happy to mix with the crowds when showcasing their work, absorbing the impact of their art on other people. It just doesn’t come at the expense of those periods of silent, introspective contemplation which are just as important to them.

  1. They are remarkably self-disciplined.

One shouldn’t mistake the care-free spirit of an artist for lack of discipline. Their drive to produce an exceptional piece of art, is extraordinary. You see, artistic people have this innate physical energy that needs to be channelled. This often translates to a distinct work ethic and enthusiasm that many other individuals don’t have the stamina for.

  1. Some like making a statement, others don’t.

Not every artist is seeking to break societal norms or boundaries. There are many that are inspired by the beauty that they choose to see in the environment around them. Then there are others that are driven to use their art to send a message – one that has the power to disrupt the shackles of government, politics, religion, gender, and more.

  1. Their artistic inspiration often comes as a surprise.

Not every artist has this set idea in their head about the art they want to create. They are frequently inspired at the unlikeliest moment, in the most random of places, for reasons not always explicable. But that moment allows the artist to produce works of art that are often quite exceptional.

  1. They’re brilliantly intelligent.

Artistic expression in a manner that makes sense is a challenging process. It takes intelligence to use art to articulate a message, an idea, a thought, or a feeling, in a way that can then be broken down, analysed, deciphered and understood. Never underestimate the brilliance or effectiveness of an artist, no matter their medium.

  1. They are determined, no matter how hard it gets.

It stands to reason that the life of an artist is not always an easy one, particularly today where most forms of art have fallen by the wayside in school curriculum, creating an environment where artistic creativity is not particularly cultivated or encouraged. Further, this is exasperated by the internal battle of self-doubt and self-criticism that many artists face regarding their own talent or skill. And yet, most artists manage to silence the negative voice in their head and find a way of navigating the landscape they’re in to pursue their dreams. This is the sign of true grit and determination.

In conclusion, it’s evident that artists of all forms are unique individuals that possess a plethora of traits that many of us seek to acquire or possess. Are there any other traits that you think we’ve missed out? Let us know!


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